Airtel 20X Bonus Recharge – Get N2000 For N100 and N4000 For N200

Airtel 20X Bonus Recharge - Get N2000 For N100 and N4000 For N200 1

Airtel is back again with an unbeatable and mouth-watering offer (Airtel 20X Bonus Recharge) which gives you 20 times the value of your recharge. Airtel 20X Bonus Recharge gives you N2000 For N100 and N4000 For N200. I’m sure you’re still enjoying Airtel 4.6GB For N200 and 23GB For N1000 which i shared in my previous post.

When other networks are busy misbehaving & hiking prices of their services, it seems Airtel is the safest refuge to run to at.

Note: Although The Airtel 20x Bonus Depends On your SIM Eligibility.

Airtel 20X Recharge Bonus

Airtel 20X Bonus Recharge – Get N2000 For N100 and N4000 For N200

Airtel 20x offer is a special welcome back offer for all Airtel customers who have not used their line for at least 30 days (1 month )or more. I mean, this offer is possible to work on inactive Airtel SIM that has not received or make any calls, send or receive text messages or browse in the last 30 days.

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If you are among those who kept their Airtel SIM for a long period of time, it’s time for you to look for It now, because this offer meant for you According to Airtel, “DO ANYTHING to get your Airtel SIM back on”.

What are you waiting for? Look for  your Airtel sim now and get it dusted in order to enjoy this amazing offer from Airtel 20X Bonus Recharge.

Airtel 20X Bonus

Who Is Eligible For This Airtel 20X Bonus?

All prepaid customers who have not used their Airtel line in 30 days or more. Usage includes calls (incoming or outgoing), SMS (incoming or outgoing) or data.

Airtel 20X Bonus Recharge - Get N2000 For N100 and N4000 For N200 2

How Does Airtel 20x Bonus Offer Works?

With 20x bonus offer, N100 recharge will give you N2000 bonus airtime, in which N500 is for voice call and N1500 is for data and all will be valid for 30 days. If you recharge 200, 300, 500 or 1000, you will get more amazing bonuses.

How Do I Activate Airtel 20x Bonus?

You can activate the 20x Bonus offer by dialling the subscription menu or direct subscription codes seen below;

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Recharge N100 and dial *241# and select preferred option or dial *241*100# for the direct activation.

Airtel 20x Bonus Codes For Different Amounts

  • N200 *241*200# for N4000
  • N300 *241*300# for N6000
  • N500 *241*500# for N10000
  • N1,000 *241*1000# for N20000

All offers attract 20times bonuses and they are all valid for 30days (1 month). In addition, you can purchase this offer multiple times within 30 days from the date of first purchase. Bonuses can be uses to call, text (all networks) & browse.

Airtel 20x Bonus Codes

How Do I Check My Airtel 20x Bonus Balance?

You won’t believe it, but it’s actually pretty simple! If you want to check the account balance on your phone, you just dial *123#!

Alternative To Check 20x Bonus Balance

One of the most favorite Airtel codes for users is Data Balance Check – you can do it by simply dial *141*712*0#. It`s also possible to check it by number *123*10#.

How Long Does Airtel 20x Bonus Last?

The telecom company said the 20times (20x) bonus valid for 30days (1 month) for customers on the Airtel network.


As the case with Airtel’s offer 20x bonus, you might get a response that you are not eligible for this offer. You are advised to dial any of the above codes first before proceeding to recharge your Airtel line.

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If you get a response that you have insufficient balance, then, you can go ahead and recharge your Airtel line with any amount you want for the bonuses.

Is your SIM eligible for this Airtel’s offer 20x bonus offer? Let me know in the comment box below.

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Airtel 20X Bonus Recharge - Get N2000 For N100 and N4000 For N200 3


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