9 Best Orientation For Yahoo Boys – Yahoo Boy Orientation [2022]

Best Orientation For Yahoo Boys – Yahoo Boy Orientation. New update for yahoo boy 2022, Learn how to be a Yahoo boy, How to cash out as a yahoo boy, Yahoo boys format, Yahoo boy slangs, Yahoo boy orientation and formats in 2022.

yahoo boys Orientation

Yahoo Boy Orientation – Best Orientation For Yahoo Boys

Welcome to the yahoo boy orientation. If you are not a successful Yahoo boy or girl by now or working hard to be one, then you are dulling yourself. You’re in for a long thing.

With the path the country is taking, Yahoo yahoo is the way forward. I bet that you agree with me. Are you not tired of searching for unavailable jobs or tired of poverty?


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Being a Yahoo boy can transform your life for the better. It is the easiest way to run away from the country – two seconds. To have clicked this link on how to become a successful yahoo boy. Just know today is your lucky day. Anybody who says yahoo does not pay is lying to you.

Welcome once again to the Yahoo boy orientation. Do not skip any of the steps in this article or else you may miss some tips.

Hey before going into the main topic on How To Become A Yahoo Boy , let me kindly explain the meaning of Yahoo Yahoo.


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best yahoo boys Orientation

What is Yahoo Yahoo

, the main purpose of this people is to tricks their Client into sending money to them , that is what I understand by Yahoo Yahoo can be seen as a fraudulent activity which is operated by group of abled and lazy people called in the other hand let’s know what Yahoo boys is all about

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Who Is A Yahoo Girl/Boy ( what is Yahoo Boy all about )

Yahoo Boys/Girls are people that tricks other people to get money from them , which is basically know as a fraudulent active and many more

How To Become A Yahoo Boy

It always touch me whenever I see some boys or girls leaving the normal Yahoo and going into the Yahoo Plus which is known as the ritual part of Yahoo, you should understand the purpose of this post is to learn how tobecome a successful yahoo boy without charging a dime

Yahoo Yahoo is a risky business in Nigeria business in Nigeria but only the risk taker that can go into the business because if you get caught you will be sentence to jail , let me know hit the nail on the head on The main Topic which is Learn How To Be A Yahoo Boy.


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Orientation For Yahoo Boys

Learn How To Become A Successful Yahoo Boy In Nigeria

You can become a successful yahoo boy
in Nigeira when you run Yahoo with smartness , not disclosing any of your information to any one , having a strong vpn that hide your identity and many other more.

Lists Of Best Orientation For Yahoo Boys – Yahoo Boy Orientation

  • Decision
  • Internet Connection
  • Mentorship
  • Consistency
  • Get a Good Smartphone
  • Good Laptop
  • Formats
  • Secure a good location
  • G+ (G-Plus).

Best Orientation For Yahoo Boys

Best Orientation For Yahoo Boys – Yahoo Boy Orientation

Yahoo Yahoo is an internet scam scheme that began in the early 2000s. Way back, boys go to the cyber café and pay for all-night browsing to access the internet.

Today, you can become a yahoo boy with a phone. Now, let’s continue.

Internet scam in Nigeria is referred to as Yahoo because the pioneers used Yahoo messengers as the social media platform to cash out. Today, nobody uses Yahoo messenger. Nevertheless, the attribution of the internet scam to the tag Yahoo is still notable.

In this post, I will be teaching you the new and latest methods of how you can cash out on bluebird yahoo boy or girl. We are now in the internet age of things; it means that the way we do things is changing tremendously.

Even successful people now understand they have to upgrade to meet up with the present trend. Below are the steps you must take to be successful in Yahoo business and cash out big to escape poverty. First of all, let us look at the things you’d need to be successful in the yahoo boy format.

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9 Best Orientation For Yahoo Boys – Yahoo Boy Orientation


You have to make a decision before going into anything and this isn’t an exception. You don’t just go into it because other are doing it and making what they make from it.

People have different destinies and yours could be different from every other guy in the neighborhood. Make sure you want to go into what you’re about to go into and be ready to face the consequences – embarrassment from State forces and other hurdles.

Internet Connection

There’s a reason why this is otherwise called internet fraud and it’s because it is done mostly on the internet.

Internet connection is the bone and background of everything you’ll be doing as they require you to be online. Getting a personal computer or a laptop is a better option than using an android phone (lots of benefits goes with using the PC).


According to what I’ve heard so many people say about being a yahoo boy, there are applications that’s in use for different purposes and you won’t just start using them on your first attempt – you need mentors to put you through.

You’re going to find it extremely difficult to make headstart without a person showing you a d telling you what’s up in the game.


Going off and online will spoil a lot for you and that’s why you have to be online 24/7 in the first phase of consistency. Secondly, you have to keep trying hard, keep trying out different formats and ways to succeed.

It’s never an easy task without spiritual backing but to an extent, consistency pays more than the off and on network or trial. You wanna make money fast? Pay the dues.

Get a Good Smartphone

Whether you have a laptop or not, you will need a smartphone with at least 2 GB RAM.

You need the smartphone to conveniently attend to clients via voice call or instant messaging applications like Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, etc. if you don’t have a laptop, you can work with your smartphone pending when you get a computer.


There are tons of formats boys use these days to ask for money. Even beggers are skillful at begging nowadays. These formats are mainly pranks and tricks to make people trust you enough so as to entrust certain amount of money to you.

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While a lot of formats are on board, it’ll be wise to pose under the tutelage of your mentors and let them show you the way.

Lists Of Yahoo Boys Formats

The following are the list of yahoo boy format to cash out;

  • Hook Up Format for Client Pdf
  • Phone Billing Format for Client
  • Sickness Billing Format
  • Fake Medical Bills Format
  • Accident Billing Format for Client
  • Fake Online Banking Format
  • Love and Trust Format for Client Pdf
  • Online Banking Billing Format
  • Format to Collect Credit Card from Client
  • Format to Collect Driving License from Client
  • Menstruation Billing Format
  • Hookup Format for Yahoo Boy
  • Female Dating Format for Yahoo
  • Yahoo Dating Format Copy and Paste.

Secure a Good Location

To succeed in the Yahoo business, you must work in an environment where you can reason and get creative. Choose a place where you can work online that is void of any form of distractions. It can be your bedroom, cyber café, library, etc.

Whatever location that you choose, it should be ideal for working online. You don’t want to be in the middle of a conversation with a client when a person comes to disturb you. That would be disastrous.

Good Laptop

Having a laptop is an essential device for becoming a successful yahoo boy or girl. Get a good laptop with a battery capacity that serves for more than two hours. It is necessary to stay online when there is a power outage.

The PC must have WiFi connectivity. If the laptop WiFi connection is not working, you will need to get an internet modem. Note that the aim is for your laptop to connect to the internet.

G+ (G-Plus)

The plus is an advanced form of yahoo and it involves supernatural or spiritual backing. Generally, it wouldn’t be totally out of place to get yourself tied up with spiritual oats because you want to make it big.

It’s your decision and it doesn’t mean you won’t work or have your internet connection. While the plus is paying off, there’s a greater sacrifice ahead and I’m sure you’re ready for that as nothing goes for nothing.



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