CLEO Gold APK 1.1.2 Download For Android

If you’re Searching for CLEO Gold apk for your android device, you’re at the right place! CLEO Gold Apk is a very interesting application for any GTA player. CLEO Gold is a perfect tool GTA mods and tricks. I’ve provided CLEO Gold APK in this post for free download.

Cleo Gold


CLEO Gold is an amazing Android application that lets you to use cheats and mods on your GTA VC, GTA SA, and GTA III open-world Android game. Yes with the help of the CLEO Gold APK for Android, you can enjoy this awesome modifications.

Nevertheless, the CLEO Gold App for Android can only work on rooted Android smartphones, but we’ve made a mod of the application that allows both rooted and unrooted users to be able to use. Also download link to it is provided.

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With the use of CLEO Gold APK on Android, one can make his game character health not to reduce, you can create more weapons and vehicles, and also equip jetpack for faster flying. With this app you can stop your cars, motorcycle, bicycle, or any other vehicle, not to get destroyed, no matter the hits and collision.

CLEO Gold for Android can only be used for GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, and GTA 3 Android game. And you’ll have to enable the available cheat scripts and mods from the app itself. The application is very easy to understand and it’s got a good user-interface.

Features Of CLEO Gold APK Android

  • Increase Character Abilities
  • Adds Custom Vehicles
  • Increases Health
  • Loads of Cheat Scripts
  • More Weapons Added

Cleo Gold Apk Screenshots

Cleo Gold Apk

CLEO Gold APK Information

Version: 1.1.0
File Size: 462KB
Requirement: Android 2.3+
Developer: Alexander Blade

Download CLEO Gold APK Android


How To Install And Use CLEO Gold APK For Android

  1. Download and install CLEO Gold tool from the link provided above.
  2. Now you need to visit the settings and enable third party apps download option by allowing unknown sources from app settings.
  3. After granting permission, you’ll get the list of games which are supported.
  4. Select any game like GTA San Andreas.
  5. Click check to verify if the tool is supported or not.
  6. Click install and wait for the installation.
  7. Click Install scripts to install the mods for the game,
  8. Finally, open the game and you’ll see CLEO Gold info in the staring of the game
  9. To use any cheat, swipe down to get cheats menu.
  10. Scroll through cheats and click on any cheat to enable/disable it.
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Cleo Gold Apk Android

Frequently Asked Questions About CLEO Gold APK

Q1. Is CLEO Gold tool free to use?

Ans: Yes, the Cleo gold is 100% free to download and use. It doesn’t charge you anything.

Q2. Does this CLEO Gold tool require root?

Ans: Yes, this tool works 100% properly in rooted smartphones. If you’ve got a un-rooted phone, you can still use this app.

Q3. Are there any viruses in this CLEO Gold?

Ans: No, this tool is free from viruses and malware. For extra security, we recommend you to download a good antivirus.

Q4. How many scripts does this CLEO Gold support?

Ans: This tool can be used to install unlimited scripts for your favorite GTA game. You can use custom scripts also.


Thats all you need to know about CLEO Gold. Get to use amazing mods and cheats on your GTA SA, GTA VC, and GTA 3 Android game on your smartphone with CLEO Gold Apk. If you have any trouble installing or downloading CLEO Gold Apk? or report broken Link via the comment box below.

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