CWCheat PSP Database Editor v2.0 Download For Android

You are downloading the CWCheat PSP Database 2.1.8 apk file for Android.  Download CWCheat  PSP Database Editor []. This is the latest Cheat.db editor android cheater for PPSSPP Emulator games. Read the post to the end to locate Cheat.db editor android download link.

Cwcheat PSP Database Editor

This is a database editor for the [PEC] cheater for the PlayStation emulators Bleem and Virtual Game Station, enabling users to view, edit and delete cheat codes. Cwcheat Database Editor manages and manipulates CWcheat compatible databases. Auto detects between PSP and PSX format when loading databases. CWcheat also sort games and codes individually by Game ID or title. And also processes stats of error reporting.

Cwcheat psp

Features Of CWCheat PSP Database Editor

  1. Edit the database files used by CWCheat.
  2. User friendly interface, small footprint.
  3. Fully supports PSP and POPs codes.
  4. Easily add and edit CWcheat database codes.
  5. Supports CWcheat POPs codes (Switch to POPs mode in the ‘configure’ menu).
  6. Easily create and joker any existing codes.
  7. Condensed Code creator.
  8. ‘Quick Paste’ codes to existing database.
  9. Multi-Code creator (similar to a code condenser but not quite, read the help file for more info).
  10. Built-in PEC Database converter for gameshark codes.
  11. Automatically install the latest versions of CWcheat for you on your PSP (will overwrite database files, be sure to back them up first).
  12. Automatically download the latest official CWcheat database and open it for editing.
  13. Built-in hexadecimal calculator and base converter (decimal to hex and vice-versa).
  14. Sort your databases alphabetically using the ‘Sort’ button
  15. ‘Enabled by default codes’ are highlighted in yellow (color configurable through the ‘configure’ menu)
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Key Features Of CWCheat PSP Database Editor

  1. Manages and manipulates CWcheat compatible databases.
  2. Auto detects between PSP and PSX format when loading databases.
  3. Sort games and codes individually by Game ID or title.
  4. Error reporting.


Fixed bugs to increase the stability of the app.


Name: CWcheat_Database Editor
Version: v2.1
Date Uploaded: August 7, 2019
Categories: General Apps, PSP
Downloads: 10000+

Download CWCheat PSP Database Editor Android

CWCheat PSP Database

How To Apply Cheat With Cwcheat PSP On Android

1. First of all, you need to download ppsspp emulator on your android. I hope you already have.

2. Open the ppsspp settings and then to the system and enable cheats. If it is already enabled leave it enabled.

3. Download Zarchiver app to unrar the file.

4. Then download Total commander file manager and then open it.

5. Go to the folder named PSP>cheats> and then see the number of the game you want to hack. It looks like ‘ULUS100928.ini

6. You need to identify the number of the game which you want to hack.

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7. Then go to forums ppsspp scroll down to the end until you find the search option. Then search your game with the game name or the number of the game.

8. Open the game on the forum and copy the codes listed in the thread.

9. Open the cheats folder in the psp folder. Find the .ini file of the game. Edit it as ‘total commander’.Paste the code on the .ini file of the game which you wanna hack.

10. Delete all the empty lines in the file. (optional in case cheats not work)

11. Then enjoy the ppsspp game with cwcheat.


The post you just read contains cwcheat psp database editor download link and how to use cwcheat psp database for android. CwCheat PSP can be used to  edit cwcheat database in order to apply cheat for PPSSPP emulator games. I hope it was helpful? If so then share this post with your friends.

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