How To Get MTN Free Unlimited Airtime Cheat 2020

How To Get MTN Free Unlimited Airtime Cheat 2020 1

How To get MTN Free Unlimited Airtime Cheat 2020. I know many people are searching for MTN free airtime cheat codes. I want to introduce to you the latest MTN free unlimited airtime cheat, which as been. You can now get MTN free unlimited airtime to make free call on your MTN Sim.

In this article i will show you how to activate MTN unlimited airtime cheat with ease.

how to get mtn free unlimited airtime cheat

MTN Free Unlimited Airtime Cheat

This MTN airtime cheat will be of more benefit for people who love making more calls both locally and internationally than surfing the internet. Another benefit of this MTN free unlimited airtime cheat is that you can accumulate more and morw MTN airtime as you like with the guide i am about to expose to you now.

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In order for this MTN Free Unlimited Airtime Cheat to last, so as to avoid it been reported to the network provided, we will secretly share the MTN free airtime cheat.

Features Of MTN Free Unlimited Airtime Cheat

  • You can accumulate more airtime as you want.
  • You can not use Airtime to subscribe for data.
  • It works on all MTN sim.
  • It is available for all MTN users.
  • The Airtime can be used to make call all networks.

Requirements For MTN Free Unlimited Airtime Cheat

  • MTN Sim card
  • A mimimum of 1000 Naira airtime

How To Activate MTN Free Unlimited Airtime Cheat

  • Firstly, get your MTN sim card ready
  • Then migrate to BetaTalk tariff by sending BT to 131 via free airtime cheat
  • Recharge your MTN SIM card with 1000 Naira or 5000 Naira airtime. Why you need to do this is because the 1000 Naira airtime recharge will give you 2500 Naira for calls to all networks. Same applies to the 5000 Naira airtime recharge, you will get 12k free unlimited airtime cheat
  • The next thing you need to do is to convert your initial airtime back to cash. Examples of websites that convert airtime to cash are or Recharge2Cash.
  • Endeavor to use up your bonus before selling the airtime. You can change your tariff plan by migrating to MTN Pulse so you will be enabled to transfer airtime.
  • Don’t migrate from BetaTalk tariff to MTN Pulse Tariff if your bonus airtime is still active/available or else it will be cleared. To migrate, dial *406#.
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How To Check Your MTN Free Airtime Cheat Bonus Balance

  • To check your available MTN bonus balance, dial *559*43#.

NOTE: This article is only for education purpose.

How To Get MTN Free Unlimited Airtime Cheat 2020 2

Faqs About MTN Free Airtime Cheat

What is the Validity for the MTN Airtime Cheat Bonus?

It is valid for 7 days (1week).

Can i transfer the MTN cheat airtime on Betatalk tariff?

No you can’t. But you can switch to MTN pulse to be able to do so.

How To migrate to MTN Pulse?

To migrate, dial *406#.

How can i convert Airtime To Cash In Nigeria?

You can convert airtime to cash by using some merchant site like Aimtoget and lots more.

What is the best website to convert airtime to cash?

The best platforms are;

  • Aimtoget
  • Airtimeflip
  • Zoranga
  • Airtimedatahub
  • Cheetahpay
  • iPayAirtime

Can the MTN Free Airtime Cheat be accumulated?

Yes the MTN airtime cheat can be accumulated.

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Thats all you need to know about this MTN Free Unlimited Airtime Cheat, kindly follow the instructions given above to successfully activate and get your MTN free airtime.

If you have any issues or question feel free to use the comment box below!

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How To Get MTN Free Unlimited Airtime Cheat 2020 1


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