How To Get MTN Free 30GB Mifi Data Cheat Via IMEI Tweaking 2020


MTN Free Data 2020 – How To Get MTN Free 30GB Mifi Data Cheat Via IMEI Tweaking 2020. Do you need MTN Free 30GB Mifi Data Cheat via IMEI Tweaking? This MTN free 30GB Mifi Data cheat has been available for a while now.


I this article i will share with you the complete guide to get MTN Free 30GB Mifi Data cheat, which can be used on Android, Tablet and PC to browse, download and stream.

mtn free 30gb

How To Get MTN Free 30GB Mifi Data Cheat Via IMEI Tweaking 2020

This is another latest MTN NG free data cheat, with the aid of IMEI Tweaking you can get MTN Free 30GB data and can even accumulate more if you want. You can even get up to 500GB or 1TB Free MTN data if you wish. Just make sure you read the post carefully without skipping a step.

All you need to do is tweak or change your phone IMEI number to that of the MTN MiFi and convince MTN that you bought the MTN Mifi from their office or retail outlets. So it is advisable you use an Android phone running on v5.0 or v5.1 Lollipop, also the phone must be Rooted.

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If you are familiar with IMEI Tweaking or changing phone IMEI number, you would find this post and instructions easy.

Requirements For MTN Free 30GB Mifi Data Cheat Via IMEI Tweaking 2020

  • MTN Sim Card (New one)
  • An Android phone (with minimum of v5.0 or v5.1 Lollipop, ROOTED)
  • MTK Engineering Tool App (for changing IMEI)
  • IMEI Analyzer App
  • IMEI Generator App

Download MTK Engineering Tool App For MTN Free 30GB Mifi Data Cheat

MTK Engineering Tool App

Download IMEI Analyzer App For MTN Free 30GB Mifi Data Cheat

IMEI Analyzer App

Download IMEI Generator App For MTN Free 30GB Mifi Data Cheat

IMEI Generator App

MTN Free 30GB Data IMEI Number List 2020




How To Get MTN Free 30GB Mifi Data Cheat Via IMEI Tweaking 2020

  1. Firstly, tweak this imei 867738033237295. (change the last 2 digits of the IMEI).
  2. Then download IMEI Generator app from the above link and lauch app.
  3. Then copy and paste the Imei number into the IMEI Generator app you downloaded.
  4. Then click on Generate. Some numbers of random imei will be generated.
  5. Also download IMEI analyzer app from the above link and lauch the app.
  6. After getting the generated Imei number, copy anyone and paste into IMEI analyzer app you downloaded earlier.
  7. And confirm to be sure it’s correct and ok before Tweaking the Imei number it into your android phone.
  8. Once you are done with the confirmation and validity of the generated Imei number, then procced to change your phone’s imei.
  9. You also need to download MTK Engineer Tool App from the above link and lauch the app.
  10. Open MTK Engineer Tool App and input the valid IMEI number you generated from Imei generator app. If you don’t know how to change your phone’s IMEI.
  11. When you are done Tweaking, put your phone in airplane mode, then turn it off for the changes to completely take place.
  12. To confirm if the Tweaking is successful, please dial *#06#
  13. If you have successfully tweaked the IMEI, then you have to call MTN customer care agent on 180.
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How To Activate MTN Free 30GB Mifi Data Cheat Via IMEI Tweaking

Please endeavour to follow the use any of the provided methods below to get your MTN Free 30GB Mifi Data, properly.

Method 1 – To Activate MTN Free 30GB Mifi Data Cheat

  1. Finally, navigate to your device sms and send the word MIFI to 131.
  2. If your imei is valid you will get a successful message as shown below.

    Thank you for purchasing MTN MiFi device. You have received FREE 30GB data expires 27/05/2020 06:09:04. You are also qualified for 100% bonus on data bundles from N1000 to N5000.

    mtn free 30gb mifi data

Method 2 – To Activate MTN Free 30GB Mifi Data Cheat

If you dont receive anything or congratulatory message then you can use this other method.

  1. You will need to make contact with MTN customer care by calling thier line on 180, select to speak to a customer care agent.
  2. Tell customer care agent that you bought their MTN Mifi device and they haven’t credited your line with the 30GB free data bonus for the Mifi.

Method 3 – To Activate MTN Free 30GB Mifi Data Cheat

  1. If the Customer is not serious or responsive, then you have to head  to Twitter, click here to follow MTN Customer Care on Twitter.
  2. Then make a tweet to them or reply any of their tweets with a complaint that you bought a MTN Mifi device but you are yet to receive the free 30GB free 30gb mifi data cheatmtn free 30gb mifi data cheat via imei tweaking
  3. You will surely get reply from them and will ask you for the particular phone number that was not credited with the free 30GB data.
  4. They will activate it for you without any delay.
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Validity Of MTN Free 30GB Mifi Data Cheat

  • The free MTN 30GB data is valid for 30 days.

How To Accumulate MTN Free 30GB Mifi Data 2020

To accumulate more of the MTN free 30GB data, you will need to change your IMEI to a new one by either changing the last 4 digits or 3 digits of the provided IMEIs list up.

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Thanks for reading this article about MTN Free 30GB Mifi Data cheat, i hope you it useful?

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