Opera Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat – How To Bypass Opera Free 50MB Daily Data

Opera Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat - How To Bypass Opera Free 50MB Daily Data 1

Opera Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat – How To Bypass Opera Free 50MB Daily Data. I’m here with Opera Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat for people who are not satisfy with Opera free 50Mb daily data for MTN and Airtel.

In this article i’ll show you how to bye pass Bypass MTN and Airtel 50MB Opera Mini Daily Data limit on Opera Mini and Opera News app.

opera unlimited free browsing cheat

Opera Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat

After the partnership of Opera with MTN and Airtel to give free 50MB daily data to browse any website using Opera Mini or Opera News app.

This methods i’m about to unveil to you will help to Bypass Opera Free 50MB Daily Data.

No Vpn is needed to powerup this Opera Unlimited Free Browsing cheat.

How To Activate MTN And Airtel Opera Free Browsing

The activation procedure for MTN And Airtel Opera free browsing 50MB is simple and short;

  1. Firstly, you only have to download Opera Mini app latest version or Opera News app latest version for android.
  2. Then get your MTN sim or Airtel sim, You need to have no active data (even if you do, no problem).
  3. Then turn on your data on any of the sim you which to use.
  4. Afterwards lunch/open any either Opera Mini app or Opera News app.
  5. Once you open your Opera Mini  or Opera News app you should see a pop up message like the one in the image below.opera free data
  6. Or you might see this message “Dear customer, your browsing session is sponsored by opera to tune of 50mb daily“.
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Requirements Opera Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat

  • A Smartphone
  • Opera Mini App
  • Opera News App
  • An MTN Sim card or Airtel Sim card

bypass opera free 50mb daily data

Opera Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat - How To Bypass Opera Free 50MB Daily Data 2

How To Bypass Opera Free 50MB Daily Data For Unlimited Free Browsing

  1. In order to bypass Opera Free 50MB Daily Data, you have to turn on your data connection and launch either the Opera Mini Browser App or Opera News App.
  2. After launching the browser you will be prompted to accept that you have been granted free 50MB data on MTN, just tap on I’m in” and start browsing.
  3. Endeavor to browse until the normal Opera free 50MB data gets exhausted.
  4. Once you have exhausted the normal 50MB data and your browsing stops.
  5. Go to settings and select Applications, look for Opera Mini Browser and tap on clear cache and clear storage or data ( dependent on your android version).
  6. When you are done clearing the data and cache or cookie.
  7. Lunch any of the app again, then turn on your data.
  8. A pop up message will be send to you like that of the one you got doing the first process activation.
  9. Just continue repeating the same process as instructed above to accumulate more data anytime you finish or Exhaust your 50MB.
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Alternative Method For Opera Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat

  1. Firstly, you need to navigate to your Phone’s Developer Options I believe all Android users know what I mean.
  2. When you go to developer Options,Simply scroll down till you see “Dont Keep Activities” Option, for all Android devices its off.opera free browsing cheat
  3. To rock the cheat using this method you just have to enable it by ticking the on button.
  4. Switching on the “Dont Keep Activities” means that once you exit any application, it gets crashed or all activities on the app gets wiped off.
  5. With the Dont Keep Activities enabled, each time you exhaust your daily 50MB on Opera Mini app and Opera news app, just close the app and all activities on the Opera Browser gets discontinued and when you go back to the App to continue your browsing you are regarded as a new user.
  6. The Free 50Mb data gets refreshed and you continue browsing nonstop until you get tired of browsing.

NOTE: This is only for EDUCATION purpose. Our website will not be held responsible for whatever you will do from your newly acquired knowledge.

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In order to rock this Opera unlimited free browsing cheat, its advisable you follow the first method because it is less technical compared to the second method.

If you are facing any issues while trying to Bypass Opera Free 50MB Daily Data For Unlimited Free Browsing, kindly drop your challenge(s) via the comment box below!

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Opera Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat - How To Bypass Opera Free 50MB Daily Data 1

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