How To Apply PPSSPP Cheat On PSP Emulator Android

Do you need PPSSPP cheats for your PSP game. You are at the right place! Below I’m going to show you PPSSPP Cheats and step by step guide to apply cheat with Cwcheat on PPSSPP Android. The cheat program used on PSP/PPSSPP is called Cwcheat.

I’ve taken my time to explain how to apply PPSSPP Cheats on PSP emulator by following the below 9 steps. It is very easy to use PPSSPP Cheats and everyone can do it within few minutes.

Cwcheat PPSSPP

Cwcheat is a cheat program that is used on PSP and ppsspp. It is official the first cheat engine on psp platform and also can be used for ppsspp. It is used to play functions like Gameshark or Action Replay, and it is released for PSP console as an external plugin.

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How To Apply Cheat For PPSSPP Android

If you need to find cheat code of the game you want to hack or full database. This is the latest 2019 method applies for cwcheat ppsspp and ppsspp gold also.

Download Cwcheat PPSSPP


PPSSPP Cheats Step by Step



psp cheat on ppsspp emulator

How To Apply Cheats On PPSSPP With CWCheats Database

  1. Make sure you are using updated version of PPSSPP emulator to avoid any unexpected bugs possibilities, if you don’t then you download PSP Gold.
  2. Download the Cheat file, and extract it.
  3. Download Zarchiver app to unrar the file.
  4. Copy the “cheat.db” file to directory SdCard/PSP/Cheats if you are on Android, if you are using other operating system then you can search the equal directory (For example on: Documents:\PPSSPP\PSP\Cheats if you are using PPSSPP installer on Windows). If the Cheats folder is not exist inside the /PSP folder, then create it by yourself.
  5. Play your game, then press the back (menu) button to enter PPSSPP menu.
  6. Go to “Settings (Game setting)” -> “System”, scroll down to search and tick the “Enable cheats”. Go back, after that it will appear “Cheats” option on the PPSSPP menu, if not, then try restart the game.
  7. On the PPSSPP menu, choose “Cheats” option -> “Import from cheat.db“.
  8. Back to your game for a few seconds to refresh the cheat codes, then back to Cheats menu again. Cheats code selection should be appears now, if it not appears try to restart the game first. If after restarting the game the cheats selection is not appears yet, then maybe the game is not available in the CWcheat database.
  9. Just tick the cheat you want to activate and cheat it!. Be aware to always make ingame save. Because most of the cheats effect may will not gone away if you load your game through save state, even after you restart the PPSSPP.
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You can now apply PPSSPP cheat codes with cwcheat ppsspp for android. If you encounter any problem or you have a question feel free to reach us by dropping a comment below. Please share this post with your friends.



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