100 Slags For Yahoo Boys – Yahoo Boys Slags and Meanings

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Yahoo Boys slangs and Meanings

Slags For Yahoo Boys – Yahoo Boys Slags and Meanings

Some of you stumbled on this article because you searched for Yahoo Boys Slags, latest Yahoo Boys Slags, meanings of Yahoo Boys Slags.

Everybody in Nigeria knows Yahoo Boys Slags and who they are, what they do, and what they are famous for. Some praise them, some distaste their activities. The only thing that stays unchanged is the fact that they have become extremely popular and that everyone speaks about how wealthy they are.

Slags For Yahoo Boys

Who are these Yahoo Boys Slags in Nigeria? From the point of view of the Nigerian laws, the so-called Yahoo boys are the ones who commit a crime that’s classified as the 419 fraud. This is a sort of swindle when a lawyer offers a significant amount of money for a minor up-front deal.

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Slags For Yahoo Boys – Yahoo Boys Slags and Meanings

Since the beginning of the 2000’s, Nigerian people have received the access to the Internet. This has led to the appearance of these Yahoo boys and the growth of the Internet swindle. No matter how illegal, this tendency has quickly become extremely popular among young people in Nigeria. Strange as it is, the Yahoo boys have soon become respectable people in the society.

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100 Slags For Yahoo Boys – Yahoo Boys Slags and Meanings

In this article over 100 of such slangs/lingos used to communicate among Yahoo boys are highlighted and their meanings:

Yahoo Boys Slags and Meaning

Aza: This simply means account number or bank account.

Waya Waya/”Wire”: In this context, wire is hacking into (international) bank websites in order to make use of the code for illegal withdrawal and transactions (through pickers). This practice is not limited to banks; it is also extended to multinationals and international organisations.

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Picker: Foreigner used as a mule, who helps open foreign bank accounts and receives money then helps them forward such money to Nigeria.

Tax Return.

G-boy/G-nigga: Yahoo boy/cyber scammer
Bomb Site/Bombing: This is the process of sending different messages to different “Maga/Maye” by using bulk SMS. Eg Dear Customer, your ATM has been blocked. To reactivate it, please call 12345.

Fools: This simply means buying a large pool of possible victims, picking over time from the pool who to fraud.

Legit: In the parlance of yahoo boys, Legit is a derivation from the word ‘legitimate’. Yahoo boys use this term to describe their illegal activities as being legal or legitimate. They also use it to express the authenticity of the information they have about clients.Hushpuppi

TR: Transfer.

CC: Credit Card

OG: Original Gangster

MO: Money Order

LR: Liberty reserved (This is a mode of payment).

Slags For Yahoo

MTCN: This is an acronym for Money Transfer Control Number.

VPN: This means virtual private network provides secure access over the Internet to private networks, but G-boys use it in spoofing (the process of having a computer on a network to operate like another, usually one with exceptional access rights, so as to access information on the other systems on the network).

Format: Series of e-mails specially prepared to be sent to prospective victims. It contains lies and falsehood, systematically package to deceive unsuspecting victims. This could even come in the form of SMS (Short message service).

Bad Market: This refers to an unsuccessful business attempt, especially when a prospect detects the pranks of the yahoo boys and withdraws from a proposed transaction with them.

Jonzing: This is used when a prospect/target victim has discovered the pranks of the yahoo boys, but pretends to play along.

Oka Ti Fo/Ise Ti Ja: This is a Yoruba expression which means “the secret has leaked”. This is usually used when a business plan is foiled, especially when it involves the intervention of the security agency.

Grinding: Browsing/ chatting online with a prospective victim “Maga”.

Eke: Police

Maye/Maga: The former Maye means female victim, while Maga means Male victim.

Opata: Saying rubbish/Nonsense.

Noke: Defraud

Yawa/”Yawa go Gas”: Trouble

Gba Control: Hit the jackpot.

Wash: Fake currency. Or in another context, it might mean when a person is telling lie.

Gbenusi: In cyber scam parlance this means ‘celebrate or throw a big party after a successful deal’.

Yahoo Boys Slags

Gbe Posi: To celebrate (usually after a successful deal). This is usually done at parties in clubhouses, lounges, pubs and relaxation centres
Come and Marry: This is a concept in yahoo business where the scammer pretends to be in love with the suspect (usually a foreigner) and promises marriage to him/her with the intention of defrauding him/her.

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Sana Wole: Begin the party with fireworks. The expression is used by Yahoo boys at parties.

Ṣáṣẹ́: Browse all through the night, searching for clients (prospective Maga or Mugu).

Come and Carry: This phrase is employed in the context where an unsuspecting victim has been deceived into paying for goods or items that do not exist.

Hacker Ika/Hacker Aye: An expert hacker.

Balling/Baller: Spending money lavishly, while baller is the G-boy spending lavishly.

Owó Afẹ́fẹ́: Money made from cyber scam.

Sha Pra Pra: Original, authentic, confirmed
Sakamaje: Lie, or scam talking

Èkélébè: Police.

Shaye: Enjoy, have fun live life lavishly.

Wọ́ke: First this isn’t Twitter lingo “Woke”, this is Yoruba indented which means, to gain illicit access to the codes on a prospective victim’s credit card, with the intention of using same to perpetrate illegal money transfer, withdrawal or any other fraudulent act.

Home Boy: An amateur yahoo boy who is just learning the ropes.

Body IP: Body Insurance Policy: Voodoo, charm.

Westy: This word is derived from the expression Western Union, This is the means through which yahoo boys claim whatever money has been deposited into their account by victims (maga).

Lappy: Simply means a laptop.

Gbera: Simply means a G-boy should Wise up (used to encourage fellow yahoo boys to intensify their efforts or up their scam skills or practices). You could also hear something like “Ja Ara e” means same thing.

Japa: Run Away, escape, make headway.

Lamgbe: Someone that is slow/foolish in nature, usually used to describe a victim that falls easily.

Kizo: To stick to.., used to describe a situation where a yahoo boy is determined to stick to a particular victim until he finally succeeds in achieving his aim. This is in view of the fact that many ‘victims’ can be very difficult to dupe.

Ebelesu: Street boy “Omo Adugbo”.

Lamba: Lies or false story narrated by a scammer to win the trust or confidence of the prospective victim.

Omo Beta: A nice yahoo fellow (perhaps due to his willingness to help others with proceeds from a ‘deal’).

Saint Sami Ganja: A very successful Yahoo boy.

Gbẹ́sẹ̀ kúrò lóri wire yẹn: Avoid a/the risky move (usually as a warning statement to a fellow yahoo boy perceived to be treading a dangerous path) or seen to be after a ‘client’ suspected to be smarter or can easily initiate their arrest process if he/she is duped.

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Ijoba Wire: A clique of successful yahoo guys.

Science Man: Native Doctor, herbalist or voodoo person “Charms Man”.

Ka Pata: A new practice among yahoo boys in which ladies’ pants and men’s boxers are being stolen for ritual purposes. This is also known as Free yahoo or Yahoo plus.

System Boy: Naive yahoo guy.

Hammer: This means jackpot, a “business” boom. Yahoo boys use this expression when they have just recorded success in their business

Ewe: However, in the context of the yahoo business, this is used to refer to cheque.

Ja: This in yahoo business means “Fail”, hence such expressions as “iṣẹ ti já”. This literarily means “it has failed”. This is used when a business plan fails or a prospective victim discovers the pranks of yahoo boys.

Log-in: In yahoo, this implies a stolen username and password details.

All Night: Overnight browsing

Àgbà Awo: A senior fellow in cybercrime business.

Run-Down: Reducing the worth of a yahoo boy.

Loader: One who deposits/pays fake currency or a cheque into a victim’s account.

Omo Ope: A highly successful yahoo boy.

Blow: Become successful. Used to describe a situation where a yahoo boy has suddenly recorded a business success. It is common to hear expressions such as ‘mo fẹ́ blow” I want to make it big.

Billing: Demanding money from a victim.

Jazz: This means Charm.

Yahoo Boys

Client: A person planned to be duped or scammed

Address: Bank Account {Details}

Hottie Hottie: In yahoo parlance, the word is reduplicated to derive hottie hottie. It refers to a yahoo boy that is currently doing well in the business. The synonym for this phrase in yahoo parlance is ọmọ better (a better child)

Logistics: The gradual process by which funds are illegally moved from one account to another.

Alibaba: Getting information about wealthy foreigners, particularly about their credit card details in order to use it order for goods from above.

Baba Ajasco: Special Anti-robbery Squad (SARS) a unit of the Nigeria Police specially saddled with the task of handling cases involving hardened criminals.

That’s all for now about Yahoo Boys Slags and Meanings.


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Yahoo Yahoo {internet scam} is no longer a new phenomenon in Nigeria, they are usually young men who are called “Yahoo Boys” who active or subtly partake in fraud, scams, catfishing and internet extortion of people of their money. That’s why I’ve taken my time to share with you all Yahoo Boys Slags and Meanings.


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