Download The 3rd Birthday PPSSPP ISO Highly Compressed


Download The 3rd Birthday PPSSPP ISO Highly Compressed. The 3rd Birthday PPSSPP also know as Parasite Eve is a third-person role-playing shooter co-developed by Square Enix and HexaDrive, and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation Portable. The 3rd Birthday PPSSPP Highly Compressed is 1.1GB. Which can be played with PPSSPP emulator.


the 3rd birthday ppsspp

The 3rd Birthday PPSSPP

The third game in Parasite Eve series which puts you in a role of Aya Brea, not a NYPD cop anymore, but a member of CTI (Counter Twisted Organization), an organization fighting the new type of enemy branded as Twisted that suddenly came into picture. Unlike in the first two games, game is 3D with no static background and uses over-the-shoulder camera. Aya has a new special ability that allows her to transfer her soul to other allies on the battlefield, called Overdrive, which allows her to take control over friendly NPCs.

The 3rd Birthday PPSSPP ISO Highly Compressed Download

The 3rd Birthday was created as a conceptual rebirth for Aya’s character, as well as a means of re-introducing her to the gaming community, with it being over a decade since the last game in the series. Among the staff were Hajime Tabata, Yoshinori Kitase, Motomu Toriyama, Isamu Kamikokuryo, and Aya’s original designer Tetsuya Nomura. Originally announced as an episodic title for mobile phones, the game was later changed into a PSP exclusive.

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Upon release, the game reached sixth place in Japanese sales charts, and was among the top five games in North American and UK sales charts during its opening months. Reviews have been mixed; critics praised the presentation and several parts of the gameplay, while opinions were mixed about the story, and many cited difficulties with camera control and some of the shooter mechanics. Several reviewers have also made negative comments on Aya’s portrayal.

The 3rd Birthday PPSSPP Gameplay

The 3rd Birthday is a third-person role-playing shooter. The player controls series protagonist Aya Brea through rendered-to-scale environments in from a third person perspective. During missions, players navigate a series of linear linked areas fighting off multiple enemies. Items can be picked up during missions, such as grenades and medical kits. Aya has access to multiple guns for use in combat, including handguns, assault rifles and shotguns.

By holding down a button on the controller, Aya automatically aims at an enemy and can fire at will. Taking cover behind objects or shields, or standing idle outside of battle, allows Aya to regenerate health. While in combat, an energy meter is charged and can be activated when full. When activated, Aya entered “Liberation Mode”, a state enabling her to move around the battlefield at high speed for a short period of time.

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During combat, Aya gains experience points and gains experience levels when a certain quantity is achieved. Gaining a level both restores her health and raises her maximum health and energy levels. Weapons also gain levels the more they are used. In addition to leveling up, Aya’s stats can be customized using Over Energy (OE) clips found during missions or acquired during Overdive attacks. Using a 3×3 grid accessed in the hub area, certain OE clips grand different stat boosts and abilities.

Screenshots Of The 3rd Birthday PPSSPP

the 3rd birthday

the 3rd birthday psp

the 3rd birthday ppsspp highly compressed download

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Requirements For The 3rd Birthday PPSSPP ISO

Game Information

Name: The 3rd Birthday
Platform: PlayStation Portable [PSP]
Genre: Action, Arcade, Shooter, ThirdPerson
Publisher: Square Enix
Languages: English
Format: ISO
Size: 1.1GB

Compressing Info

Original Game Size: 1.6GB
Compressed Size: 1.1GB

Download The 3rd Birthday PPSSPP ISO Highly Compressed

The 3rd Birthday PPSSPP ISO

How To Install The 3rd Birthday PPSSPP ISO Highly Compressed On Android

  1. You need to first download “The 3rd Birthday ISO” and PPSSPP From the link given above (Google Drive Link)
  2. Extract “The Third Birthday ISO.7z” using zArchiver. Now you’ll get .iso file.
  3. Install PPSSPP & Select The 3rd Birthday ISO & Done!
  4. Enjoy Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday PPSSPP on your android device!
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The 3rd Birthday PPSSPP Best Settings

  • Mode: Buffered rendering
  • Display Resolution: 2x PSP or More
  • Fast Memory: On
  • Frameskipping = 0
  • Leave The Rest To Default….

the 3rd birthday psp cheats

The 3rd Birthday PSP Cheats

Parasite Eve The 3rd Birthday ULES01513 CWCheat PSP Cheats, Codes, and Hints.


#Lvl BP (9999)
0x014AB904 0x0000270F

#Total MAX Bp 2099999999 (may freeze)
0x0144d848 0x7D2B74FF

#Exp Needed
0x014AB900 0x00500000

#Lvl 99
0x014AB8E4 0x00000063



#Handgun Lvl Mod
0x014AB908 0x00000009

#Assault Lvl Mod
0x014AB90C 0x00000009

#Shotgun Lvl Mod
0x014AB910 0x00000009

#Sniper Rifle Lvl Mod
0x014AB914 0x00000009

#Launcher Lvl Mod
0x014AB918 0x00000009

;Another AIDS jump-off
0x014AB908 0x00000009
0x014AB90C 0x00000009
0x014AB910 0x00000009
0x014AB914 0x00000009
0x014AB918 0x00000009


#inf grenades
0x014a20bc 0x00000009

#inf 76SA rounds (up slot)
0x014a1f38 0x000003e7

#inf ASR18B3 C bullets (left slot)
0x014a1f7c 0x000003e7

You can download cwheat file for play psp game with cheat.


The 3rd Birthday PPSSPP is compressed in 1.1GB from the large size of 1.6GB. But there is no loss of graphics, gameplay, items. This is The 3rd Birthday FULL GAME PSP/PPSSPP.

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