Download Latest PPSSPP Cwcheat Database

Are you feeling lazy and need ppsspp cwcheat database to apply cheat codes for psp emulator. If yes the latest ppsspp cwcheat database free download is available in this article right page CHEAT.DB. This is a Cheats Pack for PPSSPP. PPSSPP is a fast and portable PSP emulator for Android.

PPSSPP Cwcheat Database

Cwcheat Database For PPSSPP emulator as been provided with free download links which are hosted on Google Drive and Mediafire server. And are safe for download.

PPSSPP Cwcheat Database

Cwcheat Database Stats

  1. Total Games: 1810
  2. Total Code Names: 44322
  3. Total Codes: 130204


  1. Extra Games Added
  2. Extra Code Names Added
  3. Extra Code Added

How Do I know These Stats?

With CwCheat Database Editor you can confirm the stats above.

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Features Of PPSSPP CwCheat Database

  • User friendly interface, small footprint.
  • Fully supports PSP and POPs codes.
  • Easily add and edit CWcheat database codes.
  • Supports CWcheat POPs codes (Switch to POPs mode in the ‘configure’ menu).
  • Easily create and joker any existing codes.
  • Condensed Code creator.
  • ‘Quick Paste’ codes to existing database.

Requirements For PPSSPP Cwcheat Database

  • PPSSPP Emulator
  • Cwcheat For PPSSPP
  • Android version: 4.0 and higher
  • RAM: 1GB

Download Latest PPSSPP Cwcheat Database

In this thread i will upload my CWCheat data bank. Be rest assured that i’ll always update this list with latest codes and games.

Note: Some of this cheat codes works better when using the CWCheat plug-in.

CWCheat Database

PPSSPP Cwcheat Database Download Link

I have provided the latest download link below.

Download PPSSPP Cheat.db 2019

PPSSPP Cheat.db 2019

Download PPSSPP Cheat.db 2018

PPSSPP Cheat.db 2019

Download Latest PPSSPP Cheat.db

Latest PPSSPP Cheat.db

How To Use Cwcheat Database For PPSSPP Android

1. First of all, you need to download ppsspp emulator on your android. I hope you already have.
2. Download cheat.db here or from the link above.
3. If you downloaded cheat database than you need to copy the “cheat.db” file to directory sdcard/PSP/Cheats on your android.
4. If you are not using android or another operating system than you can search the equal directory (For example on Documents:PSPCheats if you are using PPSSPP installer on Windows). If there is no folder named cheats that you have to create it by your self.
5. Then just start your game and press the back (menu) button to open ppsspp menu. click on “Settings (Game setting)” -> “System”, scroll down until you see search and tick the “Enable cheats”. Go back, after this, you will be able to see “Cheats” option on the menu of ppsspp, if not then try to restart the game.
6. On the menu choose ‘Cheats’ option then ‘Import form cheat.db’ that you have downloaded.
7. Go Back to your game for a couple of moments to revive the cheat codes, now, go back to Cheats menu once more. Cheats code selection ought to show up now, on the off chance that it does not show up, just restart the game.
8. After you restarted the game and if the cheats selection does not appear yet, then maybe the game is not available in the CWcheat database.
9. Now, tick on the cheat which you want to activate and cheat it!. Be care full that effect of the game may not go even after you restart the game or ppsspp if you saved the game.
10.  Thats all play your free PPSSPP emulator games.

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You just downloaded our largest PPSSPP Cwcheat Database. We wish you a fantastic gameplay, Don’t forget to report broken links in case you encounter any error. Lets hear your response by using the comment box below. If this post was helpful share with your friends!


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